NMSU campus map and parking instructions

Click on the map for zooming in.

The Astronomy Building is the building marked 225 (center of the red area) on the map below.

There is a visitor parking lot at the south end of Jordan marked 17 (center of the blue area) on the map. There are also some visitor spots on the north side of the sidewalk (the southernmost part of lot 16 on these maps).

NMSU Campus Map North West most of NMSU North West of NMSU North central NMSU North East of NMSU North East most of NMSU Central West of NMSU Central NMSU Central East of NMSU Central East most of NMSU South West of NMSU South central NMSU South East of NMSU South most of NMSU Orientation of NMSU

Campus map taken from the Physical Plant Department's web page (http://www.ppd.nmsu.edu/dwf/misc/) of NMSU.