Master Schedule

The Master Schedule consists of a list of the requests sent up to the spacecraft for execution. Currently this file has more than 48,000 entries. In order to allow you to assess the content we have included the first 100 entries into the Master Schedule web page, however more complete Excel and Text files are provided via download to sort and customize for your usage. As additions to the schedule become available they will be incorporated into this file.


This schedule does not account for data loss due to transmission problems, etc. To obtain this information for intervals that contain data you wish to retrieve, use the following search program. This info spans the period from January 1 2004 to December 31 2013. Enter the following Space Craft Event Times (SCET).

   Start Time       
    year(xxxx) day of year(xxx)
   Stop Time       
    year(xxxx) day of year(xxx)

Excel and Text files containining all the DSN data drops from 2004-2013 are available.