MGS Accelerometer Archives

About Accelerometer Data Products

Accelerometer data have been released to the Planetary Data System in two phases - a raw data delivery and a reduced data delivery. The volumes are distributed on CD-WO and online at this web site. If you would like a CD, contact Lyle Huber.

The raw data products are found on volume mgsa_0001. The data on this volume are organized according to orbit number. Each orbit provides four files of interest:

1) raw accelerometer counts,
2) orbital elements at periapsis,
3) angular rates and quaternions, and
4) thruster on times.

The reduced data products are found on volume mgsa_0002. The reduced data consist of two different products:

1) a NASA Level 2 data set consisting of the density profile for each orbital pass, and
2) a NASA Level 3 data set consisting of atmospheric properties at constant altitude levels for each orbital pass.

These volumes can also be downloaded via the anonymous FTP server, directory PDS/data or /PDS/review.