The following summary information applies to NRA 98-OSS-04:

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Program alpha-numeric identifier:NRA 98-OSS-04
Date of NRA issue:March 13, 1998

Submission of Proposal-

  - Required number:

1 signed original and 19 copies plus 2 additional copies each of the Cover Page and Abstract (in specified formats)

  - Date Due:May 13, 1998
  - Address for submission:Comparative Atmospheres Review Panel
Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
Telephone: (713) 486-2149
  - Contact for Commercial
Ms. Mary Cloud
Telephone (281) 486-2143

Selecting Official: Director
Research Program Management Division
Office of Space Science
Obtion Additional Information From: Dr. Jay T. Bergstralh
Discipline Scientist
Planetary Atmospheres
Research Program Management Division
Code SR
Office of Space Science
NASA Headquarters Washington, DC 20546-0001
Phone: (202) 358-0313
Contact for information on the corresponding NSF program Dr. Vernon Pankonin
Program Director,
Planetary Astronomy
Division of Astronomical Sciences
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22230
Telephone: (703) 306-1826