Notice of Intent to Propose*

In order to plan for a timely and efficient peer review process, Notices of Intent (NOI's) to propose are requested by the date specified in the covering letter of each NRA. NASA understands that the submission of a NOI is not a commitment to submit a proposal, nor is information contained therein considered binding on the submitter. Assistance may be obtained at the Lunar and Planetary Institute by E-mail at or by telephone at (202) 479-9376. The NOI Web site will request at least the following information:

  • reference to the NRA by its alpha-numeric identifier;
  • the Principal Investigator's name, physical mailing address, phone number, and E-mail address;
  • the name(s) and institution(s) of any Co-Investigator(s) known by the NOI due date;
  • a Yes/No indication of the intent to submit an E/PO proposal; a designation of
  • catagories to assist in planning
  • a descriptive title of the intended investigation; and,
  • a brief description of the investigation to be proposed.
  • a separate NOI must be submitted for each intended proposal.

*[Direct Quote from NRA 98-OSS-05]