2013 Saturn Opposition Coordinated Auroral Observations
Date Request Duration Start Time (UTC) Stop Time (UTC)
5-Apr HST 1 orbit
18-Apr IRTF 1/2 night
18-Apr Keck 1/2 night
19-Apr HST I orbit
19-Apr IRTF 1/2 night
19-Apr Keck 1/2 night
19-Apr UVIS_187SA_AURSTARE004_PRIME 000T13:00:00 2013-109T03:32:00 2013-109T16:32:00
20-Apr HST 1 orbit
20-Apr IRTF 1/2 night
20-Apr Keck 1/2 night
20-Apr UVIS_187SA_AURSTARE001_PIE 000T07:30:00 2013-110T11:32:00 2013-110T19:02:00
21-Apr HST 2 orbits
21-Apr IRTF 1/2 night
21-Apr UVIS_187SA_AURSTARE002_PIE 000T11:37:00 2013-111T04:02:00 2013-111T15:39:00
22-Apr HST 1 orbit
22-Apr IRTF 1/2 night
22-Apr Keck 1/2 night
22-Apr UVIS_187SA_AURSLEW003_PRIME 000T07:51:00 2013-112T02:15:00 2013-112T10:06:00
23-Apr HST 1 orbit
23-Apr UVIS_187SA_AURSTARE005_PRIME 000T02:18:00 2013-113T12:12:00 2013-113T14:30:00
29-Apr UVIS_188SA_AURSLEW001_PRIME 000T06:20:00 2013-119T18:02:00 2013-120T00:22:00
29-Apr VIMS_188SA_AURSTARE001_PRIME 000T06:20:00 2013-119T11:42:00 2013-119T18:02:00
7-May IRTF 1/2 night
7-May UVIS_189SA_AURSTARE001_PRIME 000T09:59:00 2013-127T21:17:00 2013-128T07:16:00
16-May IRTF 1/2 night
17-May IRTF 1/2 night
17-May UVIS_190SA_AURSTARE006_PRIME 000T09:45:00 2013-137T11:46:00 2013-137T21:31:00
17-May VLT 1/2 night
18-May HST 1 orbit
18-May IRTF 1/2 night
18-May UVIS_190SA_AURSTARE003_PRIME 000T19:45:00 2013-138T09:31:00 2013-139T05:16:00
18-May VLT 1/2 night
19-May HST 2 orbits
19-May IRTF 1/2 night
19-May UVIS_190SA_AURSTARE001_PIE 000T16:19:00 2013-139T15:46:00 2013-140T08:05:00
19-May VLT 1/2 night
20-May HST 3 orbits
20-May IRTF 1/2 night
20-May UVIS_190SA_AURSLEW004_PRIME 000T07:40:00 2013-140T19:00:00 2013-141T02:40:00
21-May HST 1 orbit
21-May IRTF full night
21-May UVIS_190SA_AURSLEW005_PIE 000T23:10:00 2013-141T15:46:00 2013-142T14:56:00
22-May HST 1 orbit
In all Cassini cases, UVIS and VIMS are both observing with one designated as prime (see name of Request)
All times are SCET(UT)
The one way light time is 73-75 minutes
Summary of Earth-based Saturn Aurora Observations (2013 opposition)
Hubble Space Telescope, GO program 13051
15 orbits with ACS/SBC
PI Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)
To search for HST data go to the archive web site (http://archive.stsci.edu). In the beige search box click on "more options."
Then fill in Target Name = Saturn, Resolver = Don't Resolve, select the HST: ACS instrument and then click Search.
This should result in a list of relevant data. Note: The data may still be proprietary
If you click on the Proposal ID that will then take you to a page that lists all of the data associated with that Program ID
Keck 2
4, ½ nights with NIRC2-NGS/NIRSPEC
PI Kevin Baines (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The Keck data are proprietary for 18 months, unless otherwise specified. To find them in the Keck Observatory Archive,
go the following web page: https://koa.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/KOA/nph-KOAlogin
Click on the "More Search Options" tab. Then select the relevant instrument(s) and scroll down to the bottom to search by PI (Baines).
Very Large Telescope (VLT)
3, ½ nights with ?
PI ?
VTL data is archived at http://www.eso.org/public/science/archive.html
InfraRed Telescope Facility (IRTF)
11, ½ nights and 1 full night with SpeX/CSHELL
PI Tom Stallard (University of Leicester)