Locating Galileo Probe Publication

To utilize NASA's Astrophysical Data System (ADS)

Go to https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/classic-form/ and enter your search parameters (note: you can constrain Author, Time Interval, Title Words, and/or Abstract Words).

The names of team team members of specific instruments and their areas of investigation are listed below. A search on these names will allow you to complete a list of their productive co-authors and provide an updated source that you can utilize to develop your individual search routine or bibliography.

The Atmospheric Structure Instrument (ASI)
A. Seiff
G. Schubert
R.C. Blanchard
J.D. Mihalov
D.B. Kirk
S. C. Sommer
R.E. Young

The Doppler Wind Experiment (DWE) an analysis of the radio signals to determine the atmospheric winds.
D. H. Atkinson
J.B. Pollack
A. Seiff J.D. Anderson

The Energetic Particle Instrument (EPI)
H. M. Fischer
J. D.Mihalov
L. J. Lanzerotti
G. Wibberenz
K. Rinnert
F. 0. Gleim
J. Bach

The Helium Abundance Detector (HAD)
U. von Zahn
D.M. Hunten

The Lightning and Radio Emission Detector (LRD)
L.J. Lanzerotti
G. Dehmel
E.P. Krider
K. Rinnert
M.A. Uman
H.M. Fischer
G.W. Wibberenz
J.D. Mihalov

The Nephelometer (NEP)
Boris Ragent
P. Avrin
J.E. Blamont
J.B. Pollack
D. Colburn
G. Grams

The Net Flux Radiometer (NFR)
R.W. Boese
J.B. Pollack
L.A. Sromovsky
P.M. Silvaggio

The Neutral Mass Spectrometer (NMS)
H.B. Niemann
S.K. Atreya
G.R. Carignan
T.M. Donahue
R.E. Hartle
N.W. Spencer
D.M. Hunten
T.C. Owen