Perijove Even-Numbered Perijove Date Data delivery through this date All Data Available to Science Teams Data Due at JSOC Data Due at PDS PDS Release Date
1, 2 19-Oct-16
20 Dec 2016*

3, 4 2-Feb-17 3-Feb-17 28-Feb-17 28-Jun-17 28-Jul-17 28-Aug-17
5, 6 19-May-17 20-May-17 14-Jun-17 14-Oct-17 14-Nov-17 14-Dec-17
7, 8 1-Sep-17 2-Sep-17 28-Sep-17 28-Jan-18 28-Feb-18 28-Mar-18
9, 10 16-Dec-17 17-Dec-17 12-Jan-18 12-May-18 12-Jun-18 12-Jul-18
11, 12 1-Apr-18 2-Apr-18 27-Apr-18 27-Aug-18 27-Sep-18 27-Oct-18
13, 14 16-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 11-Aug-18 11-Dec-18 11-Jan-19 11-Feb-19
15, 16 29-Oct-18 30-Oct-18 25-Nov-18 25-Mar-19 25-Apr-19 25-May-19
17, 18 12-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 11-Mar-19 11-Jul-19 11-Aug-19 11-Sep-19
19, 20 29-May-19 30-May-19 24-Jun-19 24-Oct-19 24-Nov-19 24-Dec-19
21, 22 12-Sep-19 13-Sep-19 8-Oct-19 8-Feb-20 8-Mar-20 8-Apr-20
23, 24 26-Dec-19 27-Dec-19 22-Jan-20 22-May-20 22-Jun-20 22-Jul-20
25, 26 10-Apr-20 11-Apr-20 7-May-20 7-Sep-20 7-Oct-20 7-Nov-20
27, 28 25-Jul-20 26-Jul-20 20-Aug-20 20-Dec-20 20-Jan-21 20-Feb-21
29, 30 8-Nov-20 9-Nov-20 4-Dec-20 4-Apr-21 4-May-21 4-Jun-21
31, 32 21-Feb-21 22-Feb-21 20-Mar-21 20-Jul-21 20-Aug-21 20-Sep-21
33, 34 7-Jun-21 8-Jun-21 3-Jul-21 3-Nov-21 3-Dec-21 3-Jan-22
35 30-Jul-21 31-Jul-21 27-Aug-21 27-Dec-21 14-Jan-22 27-Jan-22

Deliveries to include data through end of first full day AFTER the day of the even-numbered perijoves.