NRA 98-OSS-05 Links for JSDAP

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1. NASA Office of Space Science Homepage
    -Complete NRA on-line through "Research Opportunities" link; provides specific guidance for proposal preparation
    -Policies and guidance for all OSS Education and Outreach activities are available through selecting "Education and Outreach."

2. Web sites to individual discipline nodes:
    -Central Node
    -Atmospheres Node
    -Imaging Node
    -Planetary Plasma Interactions Node
    -Radio Science Node sorry not a web address, only e-mail is available.

3. Galileo Probe Web site and Galileo Orbiter web site
    -The "related pages" reference various instrument web pages, some with associated bibliographies of articles produced by the team.
    -Additional information in understanding the scope of the imaging data is available at U.S. Geological Survey.

    -Current request for proposal for IDEAS are posted on this site.

5. Instructions for Responding to NRA's
    -Open Part 1852.228 to 1852.241

6. NASA Provided Data and Computational Infrastructure
    -Information on current science data centers and services can be found here
    -Additional information on high performance computing at GSFC is HERE

7. Notice of Intent to Propose and Cover Page/Proposal Summary
    - Help with NOI's, Cover Pages, and Proposal Summary's