Submitting a NASA proposal

----Notice: Submission procedures have changed. See below----
    1. A Notice of Intent is requested
    2. The Cover Page and Program Plan is electronically generated
    3. If you are selected your Program Plan will be in a data base that is open to the public.

Note two special features of the integrated Cover Page/Proposal Summary:

1. Unlike previous OSS NRA's, the authorizing institutional signature also certifies that the proposing institution has read and is in compliance with the three required certifications printed in full at the end of each NRA Appendix, and, therefore, it is not necessary to separately submit these certifications with the proposal; and

2. Electronic submission of only a Cover Page/Proposal Summary does not satisfy the deadline for proposal submission. The required number of copies of the proposal, one with original signatures, must be received at the indicated address by the due date.