Process for Planning and Developing Derived Data That is PDS4 Compatible

The NASA Research Announcement (NRA), entitled Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES)-2016, that solicits basic and applied research in support of NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) levies the following:

Requirements for depositing derived data products in the Planetary Data System have been revised to require that all products be PDS4 conformant. This applies to such programs as Lunar Data Analysis (C.8), Mars Data Analysis (C.9), Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientist (C.10), and Discovery Data Analysis (C.11).

Planning a PDS4 Data set
You should discuss your plans with someone from the appropriate PDS node. Node personnel can help you determine what would be required to archive your data and how PDS4 requirements would be met. After you have defined the scope of the problem, you may want to ask the node for a supporting letter to provide evidence that you have defined the task and the node can provide the required assistance should your proposal be selected.

Selecting the collaborating node
The sidebar provides links to all websites to allow you to determine which node would be appropriate. Contact information for all PDS nodes is available on their web sites and via the PDS Phonebook.

To contact the Atmospheres Node email Nancy Chanover (nchanove "at" nmsu "dot" edu) at 575-646-2567 or Lyle Huber (lhuber "at" nmsu "dot" edu) 575-646-1862

When Your Proposal is Accepted
Contact the appropriate PDS node to establish an appropriate timeline to optimize support Work with the node to develop a Data Set Description (note: this may be be delivered as a WORD file.
It will be converted to a PDF/A file for distribution and archiving)

Provide the node with a data sample
The node personnel provides the customized HML template for your PDS4 labels
Work with the node to develop an index that contains those parameters a user would want to use to select data
Establish a data delivery schedule with the node
Deliver your dataset

Data Acceptance
Before your data set is accepted, it must pass a peer review. The review committee consists of PDS personnel and scientists who are familiar with the data discipline. A list of recommendations and liens are generated during the review and node personnel will work with you to resolve the issues before acceptance.

Ingestion into the PDS- The node will design and provide help pages
Set up links to appropriate mission archive documentation
Mission description: Link to Mission description in Mission Bundle located at the Lead Node - PDF/A downloadable version
Spacecraft description: Link to Spacecraft description in Mission Bundle located at the Lead Node - PDF/A downloadable version
Instrument description: Link to Instrument description in Instrument Bundle located at Discipline Node site – PDF/A downloadable version
Develop and provide data search and retrieval capability
Use your index to provide optimized search of the data
Provide direct delivery of data located at discipline node via PDS4 Central Registry Transport Service as zip files

Further guidelines are available at