Venus Express

The Venus Express (VEX) spacecraft was built by the European Space Agency to study the atmosphere and the surface of Venus. It was launched in November 2005 and it was inserted into orbit around Venus on April 11, 2006. Venus Express is equipped with seven instruments. Links to more detailed information regarding the instruments on board Venus Express are given below.

The data will be archived in the European Space Agency's Planetary Science Archive. To provide PDS Atmospheres Node users transparent access to VEX data, we are developing an interoperability protocol whereby users can link to the VEX data from this site.

Some of the VEX data are fully ingested into the PSA and are available through this interoperability protocol.

Image Courtesy of ESA

VEX mission phases

Phase Acronym Phase name Start Date End Date Duration (days)
LEOP Launch and Early Orbit Phase 09/11/05 11/11/05 3
NECP Near Earth Commissioning Phase 12/11/05 16/12/05 21
ICP Interplanetary Cruise Phase 17/12/05 04/04/06 107
VOI Venus Orbit Insertion 05/04/06 21/04/06 16
VOCP Venus Orbit Commissioning Phase 22/04/06 03/06/06 42
NMP Nominal Mission Phase 04/06/06 02/10/07 486
EMP Extended Mission Phase 03/10/07 on-going    

Data sets are split into the nominal mission (launch to end of nominal mission) and the extended mission (from 2/10/2007).

Follow the links below to access the VEX data that are currently available in the PSA archive.

In the following tables the browse option allows you to navigate the directories and download one file at a time. The download option zips the dataset and prepares it for download. The browse option responds rapidly however the download option prepares the file before sending you to the download site. The download response is slow.


Below is a listing of the seven instruments on board Venus Express along with a description of each instrument and the data collected.


"Analyser of Space Plasma and Energetic Atoms"
Led by the Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna, Sweden.
ASPERA studies the interaction between the solar wind and the atmosphere of Venus. It studies how molecules and ions escape the planet by measuring the particles in the solar wind, and the outflowing particles from the planet's atmosphere.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-ELS-V1.0 Dec-09-2005 to Oct-3-2007 browse 26
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT1-ELS-V1.0 Oct-3-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 33
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT1-IMA-V1.0 Oct-3-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 137
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT1-NPD-V1.0 Oct-3-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 87
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT1-NPI-V1.0 Oct-3-2007 to May-31-2009 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT2-ELS-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-31-2010 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT2-IMA-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-31-2010 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT2-NPD-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-31-2010 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT2-NPI-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-31-2010 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT3-ELS-V1.0 Sep-1-2010 to Aug-31-2012 browse 44.82
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT3-IMA-V1.0 Sep-1-2010 to Aug-31-2012 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT3-NPD-V1.0 Sep-1-2010 to Aug-31-2012 browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT3-NPI-V1.0 Sep-1-2010 to Aug-31-2012 browse 3.497
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-ELS-V1.0     browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V-SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-IMA-V1.0     browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V-SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-NPD-V1.0     browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-IMA-V1.0     browse        
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-NPD-V1.0     browse        
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-EXT4-NPI-V1.0     browse
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-IMA-V1.0 Dec-09-2005 to Oct-3-2007 browse 114
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-NPD-V1.0 Dec-09-2005 to Oct-3-2007 browse 63
ASPERA 2 VEX-V/SW-ASPERA-2-NPI-V1.0 Dec-9-2005 to Oct-3-2007 browse 2.1


Led by the Institut für Weltraumforschung (IWF), Graz, Austria.
Venus has no detectable internal magnetic field, and the field that exists around the planet is entirely due to the interaction between the solar wind and the atmosphere. The MAG magnetometer will study this process and will help in understanding the effect it has on Venus' atmosphere, for instance the effect on the atmospheric escape process.This instrument was newly developed for Venus Express, but it reuses sensor designs from the Rosetta lander.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-2-EXT1-V1.0 Oct-4-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 71
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-2-EXT2-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-22-2010 browse 53
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-2-EXT3-V1.0 Aug-22-2010 to Mar-31-2012 browse 74.77
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-2-EXT4-V1.0 browse
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-2-V1.0 Apr-12-2006 to Oct-3-2007 browse 36.61
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-3-EXT1-V1.0 Oct-1-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 5.2
MAG 2 VEX-V/Y-MAG-3-EXT2-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-22-2010 browse 3.8
MAG 3 VEX-V/Y-MAG-3-EXT3-V1.0 Aug-22-2010 to Dec-31-2010 browse 1.18
MAG 3 VEX-V/Y-MAG-3-EXT4-V1.0     browse        
MAG 3 VEX-V/Y-MAG-3-V1.0 April-24-2006 to Oct-3-2007 browse 4.6
MAG 4 VEX-V/Y-MAG-4-EXT1-V1.0 Oct-4-2007 to May-31-2009 browse 1.4
MAG 4 VEX-V/Y-MAG-4-EXT2-V1.0 June-1-2009 to Aug-22-2010 browse 1
MAG 4 VEX-V/Y-MAG-4-EXT3-V1.0 Aug-22-2010 to Mar-31-2012 browse 1.117
MAG 4 VEX-V/Y-MAG-4-EXT4-V1.0     browse        
MAG 4 VEX-V/Y-MAG-4-V1.0 April-24-2006 to Oct-3-2007 browse 1.19


"Spectroscopy for Investigation of Characteristics of the Atmosphere of Venus"
Led by the Service d' Aéronomie du CNRS, Verrières, France; the Institute for Space Aeronomy, Belgium; and the IKI, Russia. SPICAV assists in the analysis of Venus' atmosphere. In particular, it will also look for sulphur compounds and molecular oxygen in the atmosphere. It will determine the density and temperature of the atmosphere at 80-180 kilometers altitude. SPICAV was inherited from Mars Express and new developments were made for SPICAV.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-IREDR-RAWXVENUS-EXT1-V3.0 Sep-22-2007 to May-1-2009 browse 8.5
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-IREDR-RAWXVENUS-EXT2-V3.0 May-2-2009 to Aug-21-2010 browse 4.7
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVEDR-RAWXVENUS-EXT1-V2.0 Sep-09-2007 to Sep-25-2011 browse 52
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVEDR-RAWXVENUS-EXT2-V2.0 May-2-2009 to Aug-21-2010 browse 17
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVEDR-RAWXVENUS-EXT3-V2.0 Aug-21-2010 to Dec-08-2012 browse 13
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVRDR-CLEANED-EXT1-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVRDR-CLEANED-EXT2-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVRDR-CLEANED-EXT3-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVRDR-CLEANED-EXT4-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV 2 VEX-V-SPI-2-UVRDR-CLEANED-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV 2 VEX-Y/V-SPI-2-IREDR-RAWXCRU/VENUS-V3.0 Nov-27-2005 to Sep-21-2007 browse 4.7
SPICAV 2 VEX-Y/V-SPI-2-UVEDR-RAWXCRU/VENUS-V2.0 Jan-16-2006 to Sep-21-2007 browse 17


"Spectroscopy for Investigation of Characteristics of the Atmosphere of Venus"
Led by the Service d' Aéronomie du CNRS, Verrières, France; the Institute for Space Aeronomy, Belgium; and the IKI, Russia. SPICAV/SOIR assists in the analysis of Venus' atmosphere. In particular, it will also look for sulphur compounds and molecular oxygen in the atmosphere. It will determine the density and temperature of the atmosphere at 80-180 kilometers altitude. SPICAV was inherited from Mars Express and new developments were made for SOIR.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
SPICAV SOIR 2 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-2-SOIR-EXT3-V4.0     browse        
SPICAV SOIR 2 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-2-SOIR-EXT4-V1.0     browse        
SPICAV SOIR 3 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-3-SOIR-EXT1-V4.0     browse        
SPICAV SOIR 3 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-3-SOIR-EXT2-V4.0     browse        
SPICAV SOIR 3 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-3-SOIR-EXT3-V4.0     browse        
SPICAV SOIR 3 VEX-Y/V-SPICAV-3-SOIR-EXT4-V1.0     browse        


"Spice Kernels"
Led by the European Space Agency, Noordwijk, Netherlands. Spice deals with ancillary data needed to support the planning for, and analysis of, science instrument data. As well as software (the SPICE toolkit) and documentation, SPICE provides data files, called kernels, that contain ancillary information which has been created in such a way as to allow easy access and correct usage by the space science and engineering communities.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
SPICE     VEX-E/V-SPICE-6-V1.0 Oct-2008 browse 0.17


"Venus Radio Science"
Led by the Univ. der Bunderswehr, Munich, Germany. VeRa uses the powerful radio link between the spacecraft and Earth to investigate the conditions prevalent in the ionosphere of Venus. Scientists will also use it to study the density, temperature, and pressure of the atmosphere from 35-40km up to 100km from the surface, and to determine roughness and the electrical properties of the surface. It will also allow investigations of the conditions of the solar wind in the inner part of the Solar System. VeRa was inherited from Rosetta.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0145-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0146-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0147-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0148-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0149-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0150-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0151-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0152-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0153-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0154-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0155-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0156-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0157-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0158-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0159-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0160-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0161-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0162-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0167-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0168-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0169-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0170-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0171-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0172-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0173-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0174-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0175-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0176-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0177-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0178-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0179-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0180-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0181-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0182-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0183-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0187-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0188-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0189-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0190-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0193-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0194-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0195-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0196-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0199-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0200-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0202-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0203-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0204-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0205-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0206-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0207-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0208-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0209-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0210-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0212-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0213-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0214-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0215-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0216-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0217-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0218-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0219-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0220-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0221-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0222-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0223-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0224-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0225-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0226-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0227-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0228-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0229-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0230-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0231-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT1-0248-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0263-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0264-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0265-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0266-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0267-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0268-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0269-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0270-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0271-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0272-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0273-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0274-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0275-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0276-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0277-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0278-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0279-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0280-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0281-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0282-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0283-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0284-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0285-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0286-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0287-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0288-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0289-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0290-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0291-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0292-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0293-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0294-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0295-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0296-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0297-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0298-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0334-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0335-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0336-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0337-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0338-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0339-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0340-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0341-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0342-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0343-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0344-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0345-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0346-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0347-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0348-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0349-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0350-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0351-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0352-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0356-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0357-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0403-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0405-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0406-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0407-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0408-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0409-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0411-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0412-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0413-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0415-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0416-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0417-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0418-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0419-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0420-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0421-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0423-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0427-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0428-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0431-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0471-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0473-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0475-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0476-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0478-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0480-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0481-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0483-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0484-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0485-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0486-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0523-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0524-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0525-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0526-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0527-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0528-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0529-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0530-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0531-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0532-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0533-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0534-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0535-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0536-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0537-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0538-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0540-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0541-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0542-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0543-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0544-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0545-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0546-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0547-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0549-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0550-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0551-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0552-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0553-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0554-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0555-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0579-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0580-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0581-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0582-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0583-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0584-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0585-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0586-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0587-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0589-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0590-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0591-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0592-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0593-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0594-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0595-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0596-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0597-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0599-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0601-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0602-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0603-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0605-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0606-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0607-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0608-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0609-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0610-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0611-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0612-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0613-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0614-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0615-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0616-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0617-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0618-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0619-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0620-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0621-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0622-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0623-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0624-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0625-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0626-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0627-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0628-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0629-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0630-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0632-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0633-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0634-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0635-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0636-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0637-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0638-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0639-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0640-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0641-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0642-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0643-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0644-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0645-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0646-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0647-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0648-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0649-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0650-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0651-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0652-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0653-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0654-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0655-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0656-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0657-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0658-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0659-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0660-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-EXT2-0661-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0016-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0017-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0018-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0019-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0020-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0021-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0022-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0024-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0025-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0026-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0027-V1.0     browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0028-V1.0 Aug-11-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0029-V1.0 Aug-14-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0030-V1.0 Aug-16-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0031-V1.0 Aug-19-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0032-V1.0 Aug-21-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0033-V1.0 Aug-22-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0035-V1.0 Aug-27-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0039-V1.0 Sep-8-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0040-V1.0 Sep-10-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0073-V1.0     browse    
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0074-V1.0 Dec-10-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0075-V1.0 Dec-13-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0076-V1.0 Dec-17-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0077-V1.0 Dec-18-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0078-V1.0 Dec-25-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0080-V1.0 Dec-31-2006 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0081-V1.0 Jan-3-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0082-V1.0 Jan-6-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0084-V1.0 Jan-12-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0085-V1.0 Jan-14-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0086-V1.0 Jan-16-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0087-V1.0 Jan-18-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0088-V1.0 Jan-20-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0089-V1.0 Jan-22-2007 browse 1
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0090-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0091-V1.0 Jan-26-2007 browse 1
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0093-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0096-V1.0     browse    
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0099-V1.0 May-2-2007 browse 1
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0101-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0102-V1.0 May-10-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0104-V1.0 May-10-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0105-V1.0 May-12-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0106-V1.0 May-14-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0107-V1.0 May-16-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0108-V1.0 May-18-2007 browse 1
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0109-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0110-V1.0 May-22-2007 browse 1
VeRa 123 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0111-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0112-V1.0 May-22-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0113-V1.0 May-26-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0114-V1.0 May-26-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0115-V1.0 5-28-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0116-V1.0 May-30-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0117-V1.0 May-26-2007 browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0118-V1.0 June-1-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0119-V1.0 June-3-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0122-V1.0 June-7-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0123-V1.0 June-7-2007 browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0125-V1.0 June-13-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0126-V1.0 June-15-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0127-V1.0 June-17-2007 browse 1
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0128-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0129-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-V-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0130-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0041-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0042-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0043-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 123 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0044-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0046-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0047-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0048-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0049-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0050-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0051-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0053-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0054-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0056-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0057-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0058-V1.0     browse
VeRa 123 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0059-V1.0     browse        
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0060-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0065-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0070-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0071-V1.0     browse
VeRa 1/2/3 VEX-X-VRA-1-2-3-NMP-0072-V1.0     browse

Observations designed to optimize the following topics were carried out during the indicated periods. This was followed by an aerobraking campaign extending from 24-May-14 to 6-Jul-14. Venus Express exhausted its propellant in late November 2014 and disintegrated in Venus’ atmosphere in late January 2015.

Bistatic Radar: 22-May-06 to 18-Jun-06, 17-Mar-07 to 19-Mar-07 and 12-Jun-07 to 3-Aug-07.

Radio Occultations: 7-May-07 to 9-Jun-07, 30-Jan-08 to 4-Feb-08, 4-Nov-08 to 26-Dec-08, 14-Jun-10 to 11-Jul-10, 17-Jan-11 to 22-Mar-11, 14-Jun-11 to 1-Jul-11, 28-Jul-13 to 28-Jul-13, 20-Nov-13 to 20-Nov-13 and 20-Jan-14 to 23-Mar-14.

Atmospheric Drag: 1-Aug-08 to 22-Aug-08, 22-Feb-10 to 28-Feb-10, 24-May-11 to 30-May-11 (Deepest penetration into atmosphere at the North Pole Vortex), 17-Sep-11 to 23-Sep-11, 14-Jan-12 to 19-Jan-12 and 4-Dec-12 to 14-Dec-12.

Gravity: 20-Apr-09 to 1-Jul-09

VeRA Data Received by the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN)

The data set VEX-V-RSS-1-ENT-V1.0 contains archival raw, partially processed, and ancillary/supporting radio science data acquired during the Extended Operations (ENT) phase of the Venus Express (VEX) mission using ground facilities of the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). This set will be combined with other data collected using antennas the European Space Agency (ESA) and submitted to the ESA Planetary Science Archive.

These observations were designed to determine the gravity field of Venus; density of the upper atmosphere through drag measurements; the temperature-pressure and absorption structure of the neutral Venus atmosphere; and the electron density profile of the ionosphere. No bistatic radar (BSR) and solar conjunction (SCO) observations were conducted during the ENT phase.

Of most interest in the ENT archive are Radio Science Receiver (RSR) files in the RSR directory, which provided the raw input to the radio occultation investigations of the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere, and the Orbit Data Files (ODFs), which provided the raw input to gravity and drag investigations. This component of the VeRA data is composed of Volumes VXRS_1101, VXRS_1102, VXRS_1103 and VXRS_1104 that contain data from 2008-2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.


"Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer"
Led by the CNR-IASF, Rome, Italy, and Observatoire de Paris, France. VIRTIS will be able to study the composition of the lower atmosphere between 40 kilometers altitude and the surface. It will track the clouds in both ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths and allow scientists to study atmospheric dynamics at different altitudes. VIRTIS was inherited from Rosetta.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
VIRTIS     VEX-V-VIRTIS-2/3-EXT1-V2.0 Oct-20-2007 to May-30-2009
(only via ftp)
browse 577.73
VIRTIS     VEX-V-VIRTIS-2/3-EXT2-V2.0 browse
VIRTIS     VEX-V-VIRTIS-2/3-EXT3-V2.0 browse
browse     211
VIRTIS 2/3 VEX-V-VIRTIS-2/3-EXT4-V1.0     browse        
VIRTIS     VEX-V-VIRTIS-2/3-V3.0 Nov-9-2005 to Oct-20-2007
(only via ftp)
browse 642.92


"Venus Monitoring Camera"
Led by the Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS), Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany. VMC is a wide-angle multi-channel camera that will be able to take images of the planet in the near infrared, ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. VMC will be able to make global images and will study the cloud dynamics and image the surface. In addition it will assist in the identification of phenomena seen by other instruments. VMC was designed for Venus Express, however it reuses some parts from Mars Express's High Resolution Stereo Camera.

Instrument CODMAC
DATA_SET_ID Data available up to Data Volume
VMC     VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-EXT1-V2.0     browse    
VMC 3 VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-EXT1-V3.0     browse        
VMC     VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-EXT2-V2.0     browse    
VMC 3 VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-EXT2-V3.0     browse        
VMC     VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-EXT4-V1.0     browse    
VMC     VEX-V-VMC-3-RDR-V2.0     browse

More information about the Venus Express mission can be found at the ESA Venus Express web site.

Data from the Venus Express mission are also available directly from the Planetary Science Archive. Click for instructions for subscribing to the PSA.