Galileo SPICE ancillary data providing observation geometry (positions, orientations, instrument pointing, time conversions and the like) have not yet been formally archived. Some operational kernels are available from the PDS' NAIF Node upon request. Contact NAIF ( for guidance in obtaining and using Galileo SPICE data.

    Use of SPICE data requires use of the SPICE Toolkit software. You can use someone else's program that is built upon SPICE software (e.g. the ISIS image processing tool at the Imaging Node) or you can build your own software that incorporates whatever few SPICE Toolkit APIs (subroutines) are needed to do the geometry computations you desire. SPICE Toolkits for many programming environments are available.

    If you are not familiar with using SPICE the NAIF Node website provides access to a variety of information. Go to the NAIF Node home page and look at the topics on the left-side navigation bar.