Software for numerical atmosphere models

Epic Model
  • EPIC Model - The Explicit Planetary Isentropic Coordinate atmospheric model. A general circulation model designed for planetary atmospheric studies.

  • Mars GCM - Mars General Circulation Model.
  • Collision Induced Absorption models - Collision Induced Absorption models, for applications to planetary atmospheres of Giant Planets, Titan and Venus, and for the atmospheres of the cool stars. (Download from the Astronomical Observatory at Copenhagen Denmark as of May/23/00.)

Software for planetary data analysis

  • OAL - Object Access Library, including igtool, Index Generator Tool; lablib3, Label Library Light (L3); and slvrpt, Simple Label Verifier Report Summarizer. Also included here are some IDL routines that extend the Object Access Library especially for use with Pioneer Venus Orbiter OUVS images.
  • NASAView - NASAView, an object display utility which makes use of OAL and L3. Useful for displaying images with PDS labels. (Download from Central Node as of May/23/04.)
  • ISIS - USGS developed analysis tool which requires IDL to run. This is the successor to the PICS software package.