The Integrated Timeline


Huygens descent and touchdown created using real data recorded by the probe's instruments as it descended to the surface of Titan on 14 January 2005.

A descent movie illustrating the DISR sequence of observations

This integrated timeline (xlsx, txt) and its explanation (PDF, txt) is a fusion of several existing datasets spread across the original Huygens archive : these data would take some time to compile, and use very different time bases (milliseconds from switch-on, descent time in seconds from T0, Earth receive time in UTC, etc.). Here they have been extracted and resampled to a common one-second timeline (seconds from T0). The original datasets should be consulted in the investigation of any anomaly or significant finding, in that higher resolution may be available

Plots of the Integrated Timeline

The X-axis coordinate of the plots is given in seconds elapsed since T0 (2005-014T09:10:20.828 UTC). The Header for each sequence is the altitude and velocity at the beginning of the sequence. (note - that the value in first sequence is not given due to uncertainties and rapid changes)