Automatic Gain Control

This dataset (HUYGENS_AGC) is a measure of the signal strength of the Huygens radio signal (Channel B) as measured on the Cassini spacecraft, and is of interest for understanding the Huygens dynamics during descent and at impact, as well as in radio propagation studies.

We are proposing that this product be included in the extras directory. We will link it from there.

Huygens PTA Gain Pattern Channel B

           The color code denotes the gain of the probe antenna in decibels with respect to isotropic (i.e. gain in dBi).

           Elevation = 0 is vertically upwards, 90 degrees is horizontal.
           Azimuth= 0 is in the +y direction, 270 degrees is in the -z direction (boresight of the DISR camera). See also figure 4 of Dzierma et al., 2007