NAIF Support

    LADEE SPICE ancillary data providing observation geometry (positions, orientations, instrument pointing, time conversions and the like) are available from the PDS' NAIF Node archive staging area These data were validated by NAIF and are certified for use in proposing for and executing NASA funded research via the ROSES or similar research programs. These data will be converted to a complete PDS4 compliant archive at a later date, at which time they will be placed in the main archive holdings area under

    Use of SPICE data requires use of SPICE Toolkit software. You can use someone else's program that is built upon SPICE software (e.g. the ISIS image processing tool) or you can build your own software that incorporates whatever few SPICE Toolkit APIs (subroutines) are needed to do the geometry computations you desire. SPICE Toolkits for many programming environments are available from

    Many observation geometry computations using are SPICE data are also available in the WebGeocalc tool (WGC), providing a web-based graphical user interface to SPICE. To use the staged LADEE SPICE data in WGC, select "LADEE" near the bottom of the "Kernel selection" menu.

    If you are not familiar with using SPICE the NAIF Node website provides access to a variety of information. Go to the NAIF Node home page, and look at the topics on the left-side navigation bar.