The Neutral Mass Spectrometer (NMS) is a highly sensitivity quadrupole mass spectrometer with a mass range to 150 Dalton and unit mass resolution. The NMS "adaptive" scan mode allows bands of mass values to be selected to search for unexpected species. NMS has two instrument modes of operation: (1) open source (Tilt or survey mode and ion mode) (2) closed source (Ram Mode).

    Useful Mission Documents
    Mission Description
    Spacecraft Description
    Instrument and Data Description - Software Interface Specification (SIS)
    Download Mission Bundle including above documents Zip file (2 MB)

    Archive Bundle Contents
    Document - Directory containing the document collection, which includes references to refereed journals using this instrument, and information about calibration and explanation of data structures.
    Download Document Collection Zip file (4 MB)

    Raw Data - Directory containing the raw data files.
    Download Raw Collection Zip file (386 MB)

    Calibrated Data - Directory containing the calibrated data files.
    Calibration Document - Description of the calibration methods
    Download Calibrated Collection Zip file (417 MB)

    Calibration - Directory containing calibration products.
    Download Calibration Product Collection Zip file (204 MB)
    Selecting Specific Calibrated Data

    Derived Data – (Certified with liens - final version coming soon) Directory containing derived values of He, Ne and Ar. The data consist of individual He, Ne and Ar ASCII files for each observation. See As-Flown Index and SIS for explanation. Also see Benna, M., et al.,Variability of helium, neon and argon in the lunar exosphere as observed by the LADEE NMS instrument, GRL, Vol 42, 3723-3729, DOI: 19.1002/2015GL064120.
    Download derived collection Zip file (21 MB)
    Selecting Specific Derived Data

    Citing Datasets for Publications

    M. Benna, E. Lyness (2014), LADEE Neutral Mass Spectrometer, NASA Planetary Data System, https://doi.org/10.17189/1518943.

    Other Useful Products for Interpreting the Data

    Publications - A listing of team members to facilitate literature searches

    Other potentially relevant data
    Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the
          Moon's Interaction with the Sun (ARTEMIS) (available soon from
          PPI Node)
    Lunar Elevation Map
    Solar Activity
    Meteoroid Environment

    SPICE - Archived LADEE SPICE ancillary data providing observation geometry (positions, orientations, instrument pointing, time conversions, etc.) are available from the PDS NAIF Node

    For assistance in understanding PDS4 contact lhuber"at"nmsu"dot"edu at the PDS Atmospheric Discipline Node.
    Plot of frequency (Hertz) of ion counts vs. time. This is a segment of file nms_cal_sci_37071_20140331_232205.csv, with SCLK converted to real time.

    Plot of mass-to-charge ratio of ions (AMU per charge) vs. counts/second for the same one minute time interval as the top plot. The mass is left blank (zero) during DAC scans.