MAVEN Mars orbit insertion occurred Sep 21, 2014; Ls 199.8, MY 32)
                                            Data is available through 2020-08-01 (Ls 250 MY 35)
    Modification of the MAVEN orbit to a telecommunications orbit resulted in the loss of accelerometer data

    Density derived from acceleration data and winds derived from NAV and ACS data

    Measurement Objectives
    Vertical profiles of atmospheric density and temperature: possible wind velocities

    Useful Mission Documents
    Mission Description and Spacecraft Description
    Mission Timeline (csv) This table is constructed from parameters derived from the MAVEN SPK file and The MAVEN events file. It contains information concerning mission activity that might affect the quality of the data as well as geometry at periapse and apoapse.
    Software Interface Specification (SIS) - Description of the instrument and data structures.
    User’s advisories

    Archive Bundle Contents
    Documentation - Directory containing the document collection, which includes references to refereed journals using this instrument, and information about calibration and explanation of data structures.

    Derived Data - Directory containing advanced products

    Retrieving Data
    The MAVEN/NGIMS data are in ACSII format with detached XML labels.

    Selected data can be retrieved in 2 ways
    1) Downloading an index, selecting components and uploading your selection.
    Indices that tabulate information associated with each product are available. The associated geometry is given at the time of the midpoint of the observation. (Note – geometry at periapse is available from the NAIF SPK file.)
    a. Select your index
    b. Sort and make your selection
    c. Upload the URN values from your revised index (note the total uncompressed file size before requesting)

    2) Selecting specific parameters and requesting limited data files

    Downloading annual collections of data
    2014-2020 Derived Data (156 MB)

    Citing Datasets for Publications

    R.Tolson, R. Lugo (2016), MAVEN Accelerometer Data, NASA Planetary Data System,

    Other Useful Products for Interpreting the Data

    References - A listing of team members to facilitate literature searches

    SPICE - Archived MAVEN SPICE ancillary data providing observational geometry (positions, orientations, instrument pointing, time conversions, etc.) are available from the PDS NAIF Node.