Fields and Particles

PIA 13697

Searching for current magnetospheric publications by team members can be carried out by utilizing NASA's Astrophysical Data System (ADS). For a list of team members see publications.

Useful Information to scope the mission
1. Bowshock and Magnetopause Crossings (xlsx, txt)
2. Diagrams showing average positions of magnetopause crossings are available at the Univ. of MD Space Physics site.
3. Orbital Inclination
Orbital inclination plots -Primary, Equinox and Solstice Missions
Apoapse Table contains epoch, period, orbital inclination, and range (xlsx, txt)
4. Periods when Cassini is within 10 Rs (xlsx, txt) and 15 Rs (xlsx, txt)
5. Preliminary Fields and Particles and Auroral Schedules (xlsx, txt)
6. Detailed information and data from John Clarke's HST auroral campaign Jan 13 - 26 2007 and Jan1 - Feb 16 2008
7. Detailed shedule for 2013 joint Cassini - groundbased Auroral Campaign (xlsx, txt)
8. See the Master Schedule.

Higher Order Products

MAG - Magnetometer calibrated data spanning the period from 1999-08-16(DOY 228) to 2010-12-31(DOY 365)
           Full resolution, 1 second averages, 1 minute averages

MIMI - Magnetospheric Imaging Investigation
          CHEMS - CHarge-Energy-Mass Spectrometer
                            high order data: 2004-001 to 2012-080
          LEMMS - Low Energy Magnetospheric Measurements System
                            high order data: 2004-051 to 2012-082
          INCA - Ion and Neutral CAmera
                       high order data: 2004-001 to 2012-092

- Under Development -
1) a set of plots of where the s/c is relative to the planet and the moons in coordinate systems and scales.
2) set of plots where the magnetic field line through the s/c intersects the upper atmosphere of Saturn using field models.

Fields and Particles Observations were made with Cassini Instruments
CAPS - Cassini Plasma Spectrometer
CDA - Cosmic Dust Analyzer
HRD - High Rate Detector
INMS - Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer
MAG - Magnetometer
MIMI - Magnetospheric Imaging instrument
RPWS - Radio and Plasma Wave Spectrometer

Auroral Observations were made with Cassini Instruments
CIRS - Composite Infrared Spectrometer
ISS - Imaging Science Subsystem
UVIS - Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph
VIMS - Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer