Instrument Description
The New Horizons (NH) Radio Science Experiment, REX, is designed to determine the atmospheric state at the surface of Pluto and in the lowest few scale heights.

Measurement Objectives
  • At Pluto radio occultation experiments are planned for both Pluto and Charon, but the level of accuracy for the neutral gas is expected to be useful at Pluto only. REX will also measure the nightside 4.2 cm-Å thermal emission from Pluto and Charon during the time NH is occulted. At Pluto, the thermal scan provides about five half-beams across the disk; at Charon, only disk integrated values can be obtained.

Raw Data

Calibrated Data

See Space Sci Rev (2008) 140: 217–259, DOI 10.1007/s11214-007-9302-3, G.L. Tyler, et al., The New Horizons Radio Science Experiment (REX) for further information

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