Juno Geometry Near Perijove

    Each table contains geometry data for a time interval of +/-5 hours of perijove in 10 minute intervals. Examining the apparent angular size will allow you to roughly determine the area covered and estimate special resolution to optimize your download. Both planetocentric and planetographics longitudes and latitudes are included.

    PERIJOVE 0 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 1 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 2 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 3 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 4 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 5 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 6 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 7 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 8 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 9 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 10 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 11 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 12 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 13 (xlsx)(csv)
    PERIJOVE 14 (xlsx)(csv)