Probe Science Instrument Layout
    Probe Science Instrument Layout

    The Energetic Particles Investigation (EPI) instrument operated during the pre-entry phase of the Galileo Probe. The major science objective is to study the energetic particle population in the innermost regions of the Jovian magnetosphere - within 4 radii of the cloud tops - and into the upper atmosphere. To achieve these objectives the EPI instrument made omnidirectional measurements of four different particle species - electrons, protons, alpha-particles, and heavy ions (Z > 2). Intensity profiles with a spatial resolution of about 0.02 Jupiter radii were recorded. Three different energy range channels were allocated to both electrons and protons to provide a rough estimate of the spectral index of the energy spectra. In addition to the omnidirectional measurements, sectored data were obtained for certain energy range electrons, protons, and alpha-particles to determine directional anisotropies and particle pitch angle distributions.

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    Fischer, Harald, (1996), Galileo Probe EPI Data Set, PDS Atmospheres (ATM) Node, https://doi.org/10.17189/c8ka-r620

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