Probe Science Instrument Layout
    Probe Science Instrument Layout

    The objective of the Nephelometer Experiment aboard the Probe of the Galileo mission was to explore the vertical structure and microphysical properties of the clouds and hazes in the atmosphere of Jupiter along the descent trajectory of the Probe (nominally from 0.1 to > 10 bars). The measurements were obtained at least every kilometer of the Probe descent to provide the basis for inferences of mean particle sizes, particle number densities (and hence, opacities, mass densities, and columnar mass loading) and, for non-highly absorbing particles, for distinguishing between solid and liquid particles.

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    Colburn, D., (1996), Galileo Probe Nephelometer Data Archive, PDS Atmospheres (ATM) Node, https://doi.org/10.17189/pxs8-an97

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