Probe Science Instrument Layout
    Probe Science Instrument Layout

    The data included here were provided to the PDS by Ulf Von Zahn as a one page FAX. No attempt was made by the instrument team to provide any other data or information such as the interference fringe count. The helium value was derived from the refractive index where the atmosphere is assumed to be binary gasmixture and that the mole fraction q(He) can be derived from the ratio of refractive indices q(He) = (n(H2) - n(s)) / (n(H2) - n(He)) where n(He) is the refractive index of He, n(H2) is the refractive index of H, and n(s) is the refractive index of the sample gas (jovian gas).

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    The Helium Abundance Detector Data

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    Zahn, U.V., (1996), Galileo Probe Helium Abundance Detector Data V1.0, PDS Atmospheres (ATM) Node, https://doi.org/10.17189/nh32-c641

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